Royal Star Theatre is a community theatre group located at the Church of Immaculate Conception. Our group is led by artists and directors from within the community with many decades of experience in theatre and artistic leadership. Through a grant and generous donations, we are in the process of building the theatre group, but there is still more to do.  We are asking for your help to maintain our standards of excellence so we can continue to bring live theater to Queens.

As we are only in our third season, we are working towards reaching several large scale infrastructure goals. Achieving these goals will help reduce recurring costs, and increase our technical and artistic capabilities for our large scale productions, because until they are reached, it is necessary for us to rent our theatrical lighting and sound equipment on a per-show basis.

Whether you join the group to participate in our shows or simply enjoy attending them, know that your contribution will make a difference and will be greatly appreciated.  To thank you for your generosity, your name will be placed in this show’s program and you will receive complimentary show tickets for our Spring 2019 production (performance of your choice).

Baron & Baroness           $25           Acknowledged in Program

Earl & Countess               $50           Acknowledged in Program & 1 free ticket

Duke & Duchess               $100        Acknowledged in Program & 2 free tickets

Prince & Princess            $200        Acknowledged in Program & 4 free tickets

King & Queen                    $500        Acknowledged in Program, 8 free tickets & 1 free T-shirt

Emperor & Empress      $1000      Acknowledged in Program, 10 free tickets & 2 T-shirts